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This website contains the English translations and explanatory notes
of French poet Arthur Rimbaud by Kunio Monji,
and the introduction is as under.

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Après le Déluge / After the Flood
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Le Dormeur du Val / The Sleeping Man in the Valley
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What impact did Rimbaud bring to the literature as a poet?
I think that it was the negation of words.
As the Bible says
"Then God commanded, "Let there be light"―and light appeared.",
the words are God and everything on the ground is made from the words of God.
So, if he brings the experience of all the future five senses in a poetic language to the real world,
if he becomes a predictor and can arrive at the unknown world at the end of his confusion,
like God, he can change the real society through his words.
But, his practices as a predictor brought only failures in his real life.
He made the detailed reports, completed the construct of words and abandon them.
Rimbaud abandoned both; to believe words and beauty but resist God like Baudelaire,
and to believe words and beauty but not believe God like Mallarmé.

"Il faut être absolument moderne.
Point de cantiques : tenir le pas gagné."
To abondon God must be to abandon words.
To abondon words must be to abondon God.
"Le combat spirituel est aussi brutal que la bataille d'hommes ; mais la vision de la justice est le plaisir de Dieu seul."

I think that we can see Rimbaud's modernité (modernity) in these words.
I say that his Illuminations is the process of modernité, not the result,
and see as "Collection of prints" reflecting the all things surrounding him.

June 29, 2006 Kunio Monji


I still read Rimbaud's poems, because his poems are the entrance to back to the pictures.
Photographer Dian Arbus ever talked such meaning once;
"when I observe a subject (object) precisely, it becomes fantastic.".
When I can have a glimpse of the live time of others by looking for the object
through reversing the words of Rimbaud's poem one by one,
it will become the data we can share, beyond sterile thought.

Nothing is ever the same as they said it was.
It's what I've never seen before that I recognize.
- Dian Arbus, "Five Photographs by Dian Arbus," Art Forum, May 1971

October, 2003 Kunio Monji

- Dian Arbus (1923-1971)
American photographer, her work "Freaks" is very known.

Translated by ichico, February 3, 2014


Les Anges
Poem Reading Performance
- Une Histoire de l'Ange déchu et l'Ange satanique -

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